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#FeedTheER is a movement started by Attorney Kelly Cook from Tampa, Florida whose small act of kindness (providing lunch to the nursing staff at her local ER) inspired our local corporate sponsors for a call to action to expand the reach of this need.

our mission

During this COVID19 crisis, our local ERs are overloaded, there is limited resources for staff, and getting a break or a hot meal is becoming a mere luxury. There is also a significant financial loss to our local community businesses, especially restaurateurs, who could benefit from providing their services to those working on the front lines at the ER.

Therefore, our mission is to provide a bit of R&R for our amazing local ER doctors and nurses while at the same time providing some financial relief for struggling small local restaurants and food trucks.

We intend to do this by supplying 50 meals for 30 days to over 20 ERs across Volusia, Seminole, Orange, and Osceola Counties. We are also hoping to supply our COVID-19 testing facilities and local urgent care facilities as well. A $10 donation will help us to supply one tired and stressed doctor or nurse with a hot meal and a cold drink. That provider may be caring for someone you know and love. That local restaurant or truck we order from might belong to a family member or a friend. We realize times are tight for everyone, so donate what you can.

We can combine gifts!

We also need your help!

Most of us can’t donate PPE, but we can contribute with our time, our social networks, and our prayers.


We are also actively looking for Corporate Sponsors, as well as Recommendations / Nominations for Local Restaurants & Food Trucks to support.

To be a corporate sponsor or to help with our cause please send an email to: donate@feedtheER.org.

From April 6th to May 5th let’s make this happen!

#FeedTheER #SpreadTheLoveNotTheVirus

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Please support your local ER and local businesses!

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